How Community Southwark is governed

Community Southwark is governed by a number of company directors, collectively known as the Board of Trustees; trustees are elected at Annual General Meetings. 

Our Board of Trustees is represented by a number of individuals who have extensive knowledge of Southwark’s voluntary and community sector and bring a diverse mix of skills to the board, including: legal, finance, health, local residents, employment and training.

The board meets on a quarterly basis to discuss the strategic direction of the organisation, financial matters, operational and human resource issues. 

Community Southwark has gained a number of awards and quality marks including Investors in People and the Winifred Tumim Memorial Prize for Good Governance.

Governing documents

  1. Memorandum and articles
  2. Delegated authority
  3. Terms of reference - resources sub-committeee
  4. Terms of reference - Healthwatch Southwark advisory group

Annual accounts

  1. Annual accounts 2017/18
  2. Annual accounts 2016/17
  3. Annual accounts 2015/16
  4. Annual accounts 2014/15
  5. Annual accounts 2013/14
  6. Annual accounts 2012/13
  7. Annual accounts 2011/12

Chief Executive Officer's pay

Gordon McCullough (Community Southwark's Chief Exectuive Officer) is paid £52,000 per annum. In April 2013, the board of trustess agreed to increase the CEO's salary from  £47,000 per annum to its current level. Community Southwark operates a stakeholder pension scheme to which it makes a contribution of 5% of the CEO's salary each month. The CEO receives no other benefits as part of his employment with Community Southwark.

Recent Board minutes

  1. 14th December 2017
  2. 18th October 2017
  3. 23rd March 2017
  4. 27th January 2017

You can request board minutes that preceed those listed above by emailing

Complaints policy

If you ever find yourself in the unfortuante position of having to make a complaint against Community Southwark please read our complaints policy to find out what to do.

Data protection policy

As an umbrella body for charities in Southwark we hold a lot of information on organisations and individuals. Please read our Data Protection Policy to see how we adhere to the legislation and good practice around data protection and management. If you require any further information please contact